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the ultimate mac and cheese experience!

Based in the Memphis area, Mac Daddy Catering is available to bring you a unique experience at your next party or just your home dinner table. We provide a full-service mac and cheese bar where your guests can customize their mac and cheese or allow our chef to prepare multiple flavors to sample. Our next-level mac incorporates flavors that will speak to your soul. We also provide "grab and go" offerings once a month to take home to your own dinner table or potluck.
Bring us to your table, your office, or your next family gathering!

Mac Daddy Macs

  • Memphis Mac

    Memphis Mac

    Memphis-style smoked pulled pork blended into our 3-cheese blend.

  • Bacon Bomb

    Bacon Bomb

    Hickory smoked thick-cut bacon mac with little bombs of cream cheese.

  • El Diablo

    Chipotle, cayenne, smoked jalapenos, grilled chorizo sausage, and pepper jack cheese.

    El Diablo
  • Beer and Brats

    Wisconsin-inspired local beer cheese mac beer-boiled, smoke-grilled brats.

    Beer and Brats
  • Popper Mac

    The Big Popper

    Jalapeno popper mac with bacon, smoked jalapenos, and cream cheese bombs.

  • Three Amigos

    Three Amigos

    Three different chipotle heat levels in one!

our current MENU

Our "take home" serving pans of mac come in 16 oz, 32 oz, 64 oz, and 96 oz (catering half pan) sizes.

Just the macs

Contact us for full-service catering pricing.

  • The Daddy Mac

    xs/sm/md/lg: $7/10/14/20

    Our "anything but basic" mac, with blends of white cheddar, monterrey jack, gruyere, parmigiano reggiano, mozzerella, and cream cheese.

  • Memphis Mac

    xs/sm/md/lg: $10/14/20/30

    Our famous pulled pork mac and cheese with in-house smoked pork, rub seasoning, and topped with more pulled pork and just a light drizzle of sauce.

  • Bacon Bomb

    xs/sm/md/lg: $12/16/23/32

    A top favorite! Hickory smoked bacon mac with cream cheese bits spread throughout for an amazing and luxurious bite!

  • Jalapeno Popper

    xs/sm/md/lg: $14/20/27/36

    Like it's fresh off the grill, our jalapeno popper mac is loaded with hickory smoked thick-cut bacon, smoked jalapenos, and cream cheese bombs.

  • New! Mother Earth

    xs/sm/md/lg: $13/18/24/34

    Smoked portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, smoked gouda, and goat cheese come together with an amazing flavor that will make you one with Mother Nature.

order ONLINE

Thanksgiving orders are now closed!
Orders can be picked up November 25/26 at Kingsway Christian Church (Germantown) in the afternoon/evening. Orders will be frozen and ready to thaw, bake, and serve.

contact us for CATERING

Catering options can include any of our specialty macs, a sampler bar, or a mac and cheese bar with self-serve toppings! Complete the form below and we will get the conversation started!